Gender equality and green growth in Turkey’s energy sector

The EBRD is spurring efforts to make the Turkish power sector more environmentally friendly and inclusive with a US$ 135 million (€128 million equivalent) loan to subsidiaries of electricity company IC Elektrik. The financing will help power distribution firm TREDAŞ and retail sales firm TREPAŞ to significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of the power network in north-western Turkey. The reduction in energy losses is expected to save 90,000 MWh and cut CO2 emissions by 45,000 tonnes.

Turkey exhibits one of the lowest rates of female labour-force participation (32 per cent) in the EBRD region and the country’s power and energy sector in particular is dominated by men. As a condition of the financing, the companies will introduce corporate standards and practices that strengthen women’s access to employment and skills. In addition, they will undertake gender-sensitive employee surveys, review payroll data to ensure equal pay for work of equal value, and receive TC-funded advice to implement a comprehensive gender action plan.

Lastly, TREDAŞ and TREPAŞ will enhance their compliance procedures, including by strengthening anti-corruption policies and adopting enhanced codes of conduct. Read more about this project.