Improving Mongolia’s investment climate

Strengthening the enforcement of court decisions, particularly in relation to debt judgements, is essential for the improvement of the investment climate in many EBRD countries of operations, including Mongolia. The non-enforcement of judgements has been a key obstacle to investor confidence in the country. Litigants have complained of protracted delays, a backlog of unenforced judgements and debtors who hide assets and evade court orders.

The EBRD developed a technical cooperation project to enhance the capacity of Mongolian bailiffs to implement court decisions in commercial matters. Over the course of the project, training was given to approximately 200 bailiffs to enable them to deal more effectively with these rulings. The project also advised the Mongolian authorities on legislative amendments that could facilitate the work of bailiffs; recommended ways in which the government bailiff service could improve its operations; and provided training to trainers of bailiffs in Mongolia.

The project benefited from €657,000 in funding from the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund and was implemented in cooperation with the International Development Law Organization.